Ice Breaker Recycle Programme

Visualcraft is proud to work with icebreaker, a VF Company to create these bins to deposit your pre-loved clothing in partnership with UPPAREL

Giving new life to old clothing. UPPAREL is an organisation that reduces the number of textiles that end up in landfill by re-using, re-purposing or recycling pre-loved clothing. icebreaker’s purpose focuses on removing unnecessary plastic from apparel at the outset, it’s important to consider existing product lifecycles and what happens at the end of their life. By partnering with UPPAREL, icebreaker builds on its move to natural by inviting consumers to ‘swap to natural’
Customers get the chance to try natural, and clothing is then sorted by UPPAREL. Any items fit for reuse are distributed to charity, and others are shredded into fibre and made into new materials. The partnership launches March 27th 2023 in icebreaker Touch Lab stores.

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