One of the most iconic parks in Auckland, Cornwallpark went through a complete rebrand from printed way finding signs, temporary event signs and bespoke signs.

Iceberg were the creative team behind the transformation and they called on us to execute their vision.

The signs had to be made to withstand the test of time yet be thin enough to not disrupt the views around the park.

Their vision was to have a layered sign with custom designed cut outs to allow people to view the signs with the parks lush greenery becoming a part of the sign.

Using layered Aluminium sheeting, all cut precisely to match then sandwiched together. Installed into pre existing stone work we had to ensure they fitted perfectly as we had no room error.

The layered “hero” signs are a real feature to the park entrances and the smaller truncated signs complete the way finding signage inside the park.

The huts didn’t escape either, these were painted black and the new branding pattern applied to the ceilings The maps panels were redone with the fresh branding.

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